Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Putting our money where our mouth is....

We spend a lot of time telling people what they should be doing with their vineyards. Here are some reviews of our own wines...... Not just all talk!!

Derek Smedley MW

Derek Smedley MW,is one of the most experienced members of the wine trade as a consultant to merchants and producers and as a director of the Wine Challenge. Derek is also popular for his Wine Guide.

Here are his ratings of some of our wines after tasting at LWTF 2009:

Eventide Viognier 2008

91 Points

There is a lovely perfume on the nose with white peach giving fragrance whilst apricot is there giving more weight. The fruit feels ripe fleshing out the mid palate but there is an attractive lime freshness that enhances the perfumed fruit character.

Shiraz 2007

90 Points

The black fruits are very much in evidence on the nose but behind them are some fresh red, raspberry and cherry spiced up by black pepper. The fruit feels ripe and this sweeter character comes through gives some richness to the finish.

Cabernet Sauvignon 2006

89 Points

The nose is a bit tight at first but as it opens up the powerful blackcurrant character comes out. Rich sloe lends weight to the mid palate but towards the back is fresher fruit, bilberry and cherry and they give a lighter feel to the finish.

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