Monday, June 1, 2009

Hydration, water = life

After counting and bundling we to hydrate our plant material thoroughly, as losses can occur very quickly through the drying out.

In every phase of the production we limit the exposure of material to drying out, quick turn around time. As standard a we hydrate our plant material for 24hrs and if deemed necessary we leave the material in for up to 48hrs. How do we know if material needs to be hydrated for a longer period.....? Easy, asses the bundle by determining it weight. E.g. to light = hydrate for longer or we squeeze the tips of the cuttings and asses the amount of sap that comes out.

Remember our objective is to get as many grafted vines to grow as possible, by keeping the reserves at a max we are giving the plant its best chance possible to make a 1st grade vine. Otherwise we end up with expensive compost.

Until next time, stay hydrated!

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