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Mischa Nursery
Our Commitment to Excellence
Welcome to Mischa Nursery and thank you for your interest in our product. Mischa Nursery has a history of forty years in the business of producing quality nursery vines. The experience built up over these forty years is of great benefit to us in striving to produce top-quality nursery vines. We would like to share the benefit of that experience with you the customer.
We believe that the cornerstone of our success is firstly, our track record and reputation, secondly, our complete control of our material, and thirdly, technological advantage.
Track record and reputation
Mischa Estate was the first estate/farm in South Africa to encompass the complete process from the grafted vine to the marketing of the bottle of wine. A combination of Gary Barns’ extensive vine knowledge and brother Andy’s expertise as winemaker, all under the watchful eye of father, John, enables us to provide our customers with a wealth of valuable knowledge, leading to the provision of the highest quality available in the industry. We have long-standing relationships with some of South Africa’s best wine and table grape estates, with whom we work closely to meet their ever-increasing production and quality needs.
We pride ourselves on our high level of quality and personal service. One of our greatest strengths is that we take the time to understand each customer’s needs and are thus able to deliver a better quality service. Furthermore, we are able to offer our customers a fast turnaround time on any information they require because we are owner operated. Each customer has direct access to owners, nursery manager and the salesperson.
Complete control of material
In collaboration with our plant breeders and customers, we are continually establishing our own scion (cultivar) mother blocks which meet our strict standards of quality, set far above industry norms. All of our material suppliers’ blocks are regularly inspected. Our aim is to supply only the best quality vines to the market.
We have planted our own foundation rootstock blocks, with the related benefits of providing reliability of outcome, cleanliness and longevity of returns for our customers. All our plants have come out of the laboratory and have been planted in an isolated environment away from commercial vineyards. We do not compromise on quality; we use only ‘foundation’ material under our own management. Our material is a generation cleaner than the usual ’mother block’ material generally offered commercially. Currently, we are the only nursery to be able to offer this level of quality to our customers at commercial prices.
Technological advantage
Our ‘vine spy’ software is more advanced than anything else available. ‘Vine spy’ is state-of-the-art, proprietary vine nursery management software that enables us to access accurate data instantly. This software enables us to trace all source material right back to the scion/rootstock block respectively, as well as the star status of all material. In this way, we can accurately trace the history of our plant material through each step of the process and provide detailed information to our customers quickly.

Our ‘guarantee’
Remember, at Mischa Nursery, we do not compromise on quality. We have been supplying the best quality vines to the local market for four decades.
We pride ourselves on:
  • grading our vines much more strictly than the industry standard,
  • investing in the best plant material available in South Africa – 100% ‘foundation’,
  • technological advantage – our ‘vine spy’ software is more advanced than anything else available,
  • transparency – we are happy to share our processes and material sources with clientele,
  • traceability – we offer full traceability and planting history, which is your assurance that we take full accountability and responsibility for our product,
  • rotation and resting of nursery soils, to ensure the highest quality vines,
  • strict phyto-sanitary protocols for maximum cleanliness of all plant material and equipment,
  • accountability - the business is owned and operated by Gary and Andy Barns; we are 100% accountable for the products we sell - there are no hollow promises, just the best vines.
Our services
Mischa Nursery offers a full terroir-analysis service based on the vision for your wine:
  • vineyard planning based on specific end-product goals,
  • terroir/site selection,
  • rootstock/cultivar selection,
  • irrigation management,
  • virus-control strategies,
  • infected-vineyard management.
Our contact details
Gary Barns
Cell: 082 4595085
Email: gary@mischaestate.com
Maritza Van Wyk
Tel.: 021 8641020
Email: sales@mischaestate.com