Thursday, June 24, 2010

Virus management – Essential points

Below you will find a few essential points for virus control and elimination. If you would like further information please contact us directly.

  1. Plant only the best possible material from a reputable nursery
  2. Make sure all roots have been removed if the soils previously had vineyard on it.
  3. Rest the soil for a minimum of one year with a rotation of the correct cover crops.
  4. Identify possible sources of re-infection (nearby infected vineyards)
  5. Set up mealy bug traps and check regularly
  6. Keep ants out of the vineyards and schedule regular inspections
  7. Know how to identify virus infected vines
  8. Remove and replace any questionably vines for the first four years.
  9. control weeds and plants that are mealy bug hosts
  10. Monitor infection rates and correlate them with Quality/yield to determine what level of infection makes a vineyard uneconomic.