Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Educational with Prof. Eben Archer (Planting)

We often get asked for advice when it comes to planting methods and best practices when establishing vineyard. It goes to say that good wine is made in the vineyard and we all know that there is much truth in this. But how do we ensure that our vineyard yield grapes with the perfect concentration and flavour profiles? At Mischa nursery we know that we offer you above average vines, it is now up to you to establish profitable vineyards.
Together with Prof. Eben Archer we’ve put together a 20 minute educational DVD with guidelines on exactly how to plant your vines. It clearly shows what to do and more important, what NOT to do. The DVD is in Afrikaans and perfect for short informal training sessions.

Below you will find a short teaser

You can order your DVD at only R150 (Incl vat and excl R45 postage). Contact Gary at (021) 864 1020 or send an email to

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Gary Barns