Friday, June 22, 2012

The Vine Guys "go green" with Biodiesel

Mischa Estate Biodesel
It's nice when decisions are no brainers. This was the case for us when taking the choice to run with 100% Biodiesel on our Estate. I can now sleep easier at night by knowing the product I'm pumping into my vehicles is carbon neutral.

The funny part about Biodiesel is the smell of KFC when a tractor drives past. The advantages:

§       Cost less than regular diesel
§       NO modifications are necessary to use biodiesel on any diesel engine
§       It contains no sulphur which is the major cause of engine oil breaking down
§       It is made from waste cooking oil which does not compete with food stocks
§       It is non-flammable, non-hazardous, non-toxic &  environmentally friendly
§       It has a flash point of approx. 130°C  while fossil diesel is approx. 70°C
§       It has a higher cetane rating that really improves engine performance
§       Our biodiesel conforms to the American Specification ASTM D-6751
§       Users can switch between biodiesel and regular diesel as they wish
§       It has superior cleaning properties over all other regular diesel fuel
§       It provides much better engine lubrication than regular diesel
§       Biodiesel is widely used in many countries around the world
§       Fuel consumption is virtually the same as regular diesel
§       Engine power is virtually the same as regular diesel
§       It produces 75% less exhaust smoke emissions
§       It produces 80% less carbon dioxide emissions
§       It helps economic growth and empowerment
§       It extends engine life by up to 200%
§       It mixes very well with fossil diesel
§       It is safe to store and handle
§       It creates employment 
§       It is a renewable fuel
§       It is a “green” fuel

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